How Twitter Stories Are Becoming a Hot Topic Of Discussion

Who hasn’t got a twitter account? Guess what. None. In this era of online, the social networking sites have its own high demand. Twitter is a social networking site that has a huge demand and it existed even before Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Twitter is unique than the other social networking sites.

What is twitter?

Twitter is actually a social networking service in America to post news online and where the user can interact with. It was founded in March in 2006 and the twitter headquarter is in San Francisco, California. Most of the celebrities all around the world, use twitter. The status given by the user is called a tweet. Tweeting is a habit. To know the world and what’s happening around you, Twitter is a perfect platform.

What features of twitter differentiates it from other social media account?

If you are a new user then you need to register in the twitter as sign up. After registration, you can sign in by using your e-mail address and password. It’s a simple process. Here users follow someone and are being followed by someone. You can exchange messages and chat only if the person stays in your following and followers list. Do you want to stay updated? Just keep checking twitter in every hour. Starting from elections, politics, natural disasters, and accidents to the latest movies and celeb news, everything is there on the twitter. You can use Twitter by the twitter app or by your browser. In every second, millions of people are tweeting. Twitter has its own stocks and trades.

Twitter as a media

Why twitter attracts everyone? It has all sorts of entertainments and celeb updates. People love to interact with the celebs and you can see the tweets done by the celeb and if you are lucky enough you can even get a chance to talk with a celebrity. That is amazing and happens only if you are lucky among millions. Twitter is basically used as a media where many things can be done like a business with Twitter, promoting and endorsing, latest updates on movies and other entertainments, sports update, politics update, scams and frauds and many more. Anything can be twitted on behalf of the team as well as an individual. Twitter is a strong social media. Just post something and many people will see it and in the case of professional advertisements and business, twitter promotes and endorse the company or some specific topic and bingo! There will be tons of views and your job is done. The manpower of twitter is something that is useful for business and an individual.

Why Twitter is unique

Your favorite celeb has tweeted a photo and obviously, you will definitely want to see the photo. That is where Twitter is unique. It is more secure than the other social networking sites and as celebs and famous popularities use twitter mostly and they love to tweet and there is no particular reason. It’s a perfect platform for promotion, endorsement, business, and advertisement. The news updates are faster here than any other social networking sites. And the retweet option. Yes, only Twitter has the retweet option. Using Twitter for the celeb access is something that attracts everyone.